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i am not food obsessed.

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Feb. 6th, 2008 | 01:28 pm
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i've been sort of bursting with a need to announce the minutiae of my meals for the past several days but there really hasn't been a good way to slip it into casual conversations and after all, what is a blog for? if like most people you could not possibly care less what i have eaten for the past two weeks, just go ahead and skip this one.

Or My recent "bad cholesterol" test came in at 194, which is solidly in the "high" range, so my doctor, who I love, has advised hefty dietary changes and more exercise, because I'm only 30 and she doesn't want to put me on meds when all that is really happening is that I am being a lazy piggie.

Thus, I have ordered a CSA from Capay Farms "Farm Fresh to You" program -- the "regular box" that is $29, contains a mix of fruits and veggies. I started bi-weekly since my past experience with CSA is that I won't eat everything in the box and will end up with semi-conscious vegetable matter raising a rogue army in the veg drawer. Last week I mixed up a pot of brown rice and lentils and dutifully toted some to work every day topped alternately with mushrooms, spinach, baby bok choy w/ garlic, and tomato sauce, plus a green salad on the side and an apple and piece of cheese for a snack.

This week was plain lentils topped with braised kale and onion, boiled new potatoes with butter, baby bok choy simmered with sake & ginger, more green salad, sunomono, blood oranges, fuji apples, and almond milk, in varying combinations. All veg except for the chicken stock I cooked the lentils & kale in. Today's lunch was the star, though: spinach quick-sauteed in butter and topped with parmesan cheese, mixed at work with two fresh eggs and microwaved into a sort of souffle/scramble, plus a bowl of lentils with kale and onion, one small fuji apple, and two squares of Green & Black "Maya Gold" dark chocolate. I have sunflower seed, almond, cashew, craisin and chocolate chip trail mix to tide me over in late afternoon.

Even prior to the CSA, I was being all healthy 'n' shit and hit the Milk Pail for a ton of salad greens and cukes and tomatoes and carrots and mushrooms and peppers and had a fine old time making ginormous salads for lunch and dinner. And pooping like a champ.

The past two weekends have sucked, foodwise, as the first was spent in Vegas (where my grandma out-partied me) and the second in Tahoe (after a day of snowboarding you NEED some red meat, even if it's just a crappy overpriced hamburger from the crappy steam table), although I did sneak in some salads and fish in Vegas. I think the drinks are what killed me, though. Butterscotch schnapps or coconut rum with hot cocoa in the ski lodge? Heaven.

Mr. Bento is supposed to be delivered today so I can stop using my ghetto paper bags (the LUSH one died a noble death) and tupperware. He'd better be. Our collection of tupperware is threatening to take over the kitchen and adamantly refuses to store neatly and I'd really rather be done with it to the extent possible. Plus, you know, bento! It's cute!

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from: ladycalliope
date: Feb. 6th, 2008 10:35 pm (UTC)

You had me at "pooping like a champ."

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